Creating custom zoom video background

Creating custom zoom video background

Zoom has some specific requirements for videos which can be set backgrounds

  • A video (MP4 or MOV file) with a minimum resolution of 480 by 360 pixels (360p) and a maximum resolution of 1920 by 1080 pixels (1080p).

ffmpeg on desktop or ezgif online are good alternatives, but it cant beat the simplicity of Kapwing.

Kapwing has some simple templates that are preconfigured, to get quick results. For zoom backgrounds its best to have a time-lapse or single shot video. We are going to use video of a sunny day at central park to get out of Covid lockdown mood  -

Steps for creating the video

  1. Click "Upload" button
  2. Paste the YouTube URL (** Set resolution to 1280x720)
  3. Click publish - Done (wait for video to be processed  and then download)

Result (right click on video to save mp4)


  • ** The template has default resolution of 1920X1080, but our zoom server has 1280x720 restriction
  • If you signup with Kapwing, they will remove the watermark on the bottom right and have all the videos stored for 7 days in your workspace
  • Video is set as public by default, you have to pay to make it private
  • For more on what's free -

How to set the background in Zoom client

Step by step -

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